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How To Update Your Bathroom on a Budget

Photo Credit: andrewarchy The bathroom is more than just a necessary room in your home, this can also be a place of escape and relaxation. While you may not think of your current space in this context, with the proper design, you can give it that exact style and feel. Unfortunately, you might not have extra funds to make your dream makeover an ultimate reality. Fortunately, you can give your bathroom new life and rejuvenate it without having to break the bank. If you are looking to make some cosmetic upgrades, here are a few helpful tips and tricks to...

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How To Pick the Right Kitchen Theme

Photo Credit: Steve Larkin The kitchen is a critical room in any home. Whether you spend a whole lot of time slaving over a hot oven or not, the kitchen is typically a great gathering place and is somewhere you visit quite often throughout the day. Probably more often than you even realize. In order to create space that is inviting, practical, and functional for everyone in your home, there are a plethora of elements to take into account when designing your dream kitchen. From color scheme to backsplash options, here are some tips on picking out the right elements...

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Make the Most Out of Your Small Apartment

Photo Credit: Charles & Hudson Just because you have a studio apartment, doesn't mean your style has to suffer at the hands of your lack of space. Even with a few hundred square feet, you can adequately bring the interior design and theme that you dream of, to your own space. The amount of room you have to work with is all subjective, so you really do have plenty of options to make the most out of your small apartment. If you are looking to make the most out of the space you have to work with, here are a...

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