Pull Off the Boho Vibe in Your Home With a Twist

Boho vibes have been all over Instagram and design magazines recently. Hand-woven tapestries, floral prints, and wooden furniture seem to be creating a new era of whimsy and fun. If you’ve been trying to pull off the boho vibe on your own, you might have noticed it’s not as easy as it seems to appear so carefree.

In reality, those Bohemian pieces aren’t thrown together as haphazardly as they seem on the screen. These designs are well thought out works of art, and they take some planning to get right. 

We can all agree the boho vibe is back for good, but it’s taken a new turn. While the layers and patterns are all still very much alive, we’re also seeing a hint of vintage flair in homes today. This mixing of the old and a new is quintessential to 2019, and we’re in a new age of modern design.

Featuring Surya Boho Area Rug

Bohemian Influences in Your Home

Though we’ve been seeing boho vibes everywhere recently, this is far from a new movement. The term Bohemian was originally a misnomer for the Romani (“Gypsy”) population of France who was mistakenly thought to have come to Europe from Bohemia. These so-called Bohemians were known for their unconventional, artistic lifestyles.

The first Bohemian revival happened at the turn of the 20th century in France with the budding artist population. Writers, artists, and musicians began to rebel against the small-minded bourgeois middle-class, and they found new ways to break from conformity. These revolutions appeared again and again throughout the 1900s with the Beatniks of the 1950s and the Hippies of the 1960s.

Since the 1990s, Bohemian style has been picked up by high-fashion and brought in and out of style. Today, you can see elements of past Bohemian trends in our home style and fashion, from flowy fabrics to bright colors. However, there’s also a push to combine these elements with vintage classics.

Now, we have a new style that’s distinctly modern. From strong prints to worn textures, it’s all about blending the old, the new, and the creative. Here’s some inspiration for rocking the Bohemian with a vintage twist in your own home.

Rugged Pattern

One of the key elements of the boho style is rugged textures. Opting for traditional, vintage-inspired patterns with a bit of ruggedness will communicate the Bohemian-meets-vintage vibe. Don’t be afraid to pair these with bright colors, classic furniture, or even antiques.


Left: Safavieh Bohemian Rug; Right: Amer Xavier Area Rug

Welcome Bright Color

It wouldn’t be Bohemian without a little bit (or a lot) of color. Welcome the brightest of colors with a vibrant rug in a classic pattern. Pair your fun rug with subdued furniture to tone down the effect, or embrace the wild with more splashes of colors. There are no rules! 


Left Safavieh Baldwin Area Rug; Right: Safavieh Monaco Multi Area Rug

Natural Elements

Finally, the artists at the heart of the many Bohemian movements always focused on going back to nature. Include natural colors, patterns, and elements into your own home design to bring some of the outdoors inside. Not only do these rugs below add warmth to any space, but they’re easy to pair with your existing pieces.


Boho doesn’t have to be any one thing. The only rule is that you’re true to your creativity and that you have fun with your design. Adding vintage touches helps balance the whimsy, and you’ll create a home that feels lived in.

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