6 Luxurious Rugs That Won't Break the Bank

Why You Shouldn't Skimp on Comfort in Your Home Design

Outfitting your home can be a complicated process. There’s so much to consider that it’s easy to feel like pinching pennies with your furniture and design is the best way to go. Big-name retailers convince us that paying less is always better, so we tend to go for the lowest-cost option when it comes to home design.

While it’s true great design doesn’t have to cost a fortune, you might be doing more harm than good by failing to take into consideration exactly what you’re purchasing. From furniture to rugs, these things make a big difference in the way you use your home. The right purchases will create a homey, livable space that’s full of comfort and fashion. The wrong purchases won’t last, will date your home, and won’t be comfortable.

 If it’s not comfortable, why use it in the first place? Many of the low-cost, bargain finds at big-name retailers might be trendy now, but they’re lacking in real substance. That couch you found for such a great deal will fall apart in a few months and give you back problems. The same goes for that rug that quickly destroyed your flooring. These small details make the biggest of differences when designing a home you actually want to live in.

Safavieh Kenya Ivory Rug

The Real Cost of Skimping on Comfort

While it might seem harmless to save a few bucks when it comes to outfitting your home, what’s the real cost of not paying attention to the construction or material? Quick-to-market furniture and decor are usually made of laminates, softwood, and cheap fabrics. While these might look fine when you first take them home, they aren’t created to last.

We’ve entered a new age of fast-furniture. Like fast-fashion, fast-furniture and fast-design aren’t built to last. These pieces are trendy and modern, but they won’t last you a decade. The money you spend on that lower-cost and lower-quality piece will likely need to be spent again and again to replace it throughout the years.

On the other hand, paying more upfront for something you know you can trust will likely be a better long-term investment. Remember, your home style isn’t meant to be disposable. You’re investing in quality design and comfort that lasts, not something you’ll want to trash next month.

It’s time for us all to be more careful with our purchases. From taking the time to look into the craftsmanship and materials to really considering our design elements, these small habits will make a big difference in our lives. Better-quality design is more comfortable, built to last, and looks great for years to come. Your home isn’t disposable, so why should your design be?

Let’s look at some design ideas built on quality and comfort. These rugs will make you want to sit back and stay awhile, and they don’t compromise on design and style.

Classic Designs

If you want a design that lasts, opt for classics. Classic patterns and neutral colors are always in style, and they’re easy to mix and match with both vintage and modern finds.


Left: Safavieh Toronto Shag Rug; Right: Couristan Vintage Antique Tabriz Area Rug

Modern Innovation

If you’d rather choose a bold style, there are a lot of modern picks that make a statement. Comfort doesn’t have to mean boring. These rugs below are just as comfortable as they are impressive.


Left: Couristan Bromley Diamondback Area Rug; Right: Linon Aspire Area Rug

Colorful Elements

Finally, welcome color into your space with these plush, soft rugs that aren’t afraid to add some color to a room. Pair them with other brights or neutrals to make a home that’s entirely yours.


Left: Nourison Prismatic Area Rug; Right: Safavieh Paradise Area Rug

In this day and age, we can all agree about the importance of being intentional with our design. Let’s embrace quality, comfortable design that doesn’t just look good in photos, but is also built for living. Finally, your home will be a space of relaxation and reprieve for years to come.

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