The Ultimate Guide to Decorating with Jewel Tones

Whether your favorite gemstone is an emerald or ruby, you can bring this magic and glamour into your own home with jewel tones. All of that bling and glitz looks just as stunning in your home as it does on your wrist or around your neck. Match the sophistication of high-end style without the designer price tag by just learning a bit about color.

A lot of inexperienced home designers, whether they’re making over their first home or they’re third, feel it’s best to play it safe. They stick with neutral colors and classic designs that are easy to pull off. Working with jewel tones sometimes feels like an intimidating feat to master, though it’s not as tricky as it seems.  

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You can go big and bold with over-the-top color or keep it simple with small touches. No matter what you’re feeling, going bold with rich indigo, emerald green, or dark teal will add something unique and classy to your space.

 Did you know these jewels all have a rich history and meaning behind their lovely shades? You can incorporate these meanings into your own homes with some know-how and a little bit of confidence. Welcome some drama into your space with these rug inspiring ideas below.

Go Glamourous with Gold

Gold is a precious metal you’ll find in jewelry and other high-end materials. It’s associated with grandeur, prosperity, and wealth. If you want your home to be a glamorous oasis, don’t be afraid to incorporate shades of gold. Gold is the color of successes, and who doesn’t want more success in their life? See these gold accents below for some inspiration.


Left: Artistic Weavers Organic Brittany Area Rug ; Center: Safavieh Peshawar Area Rug; Right: Surya Parker Area Rug

Breathe Calm with Emerald Green

Emerald has a long and unexpected history. As a color of nature, it’s known for inspiring peace and life into your space. Besides reminding us of nature, emerald also has a royal history. Historically, it was said to be worn by Cleopatra who used it for her royal adornments.

Legend has it that the wearer of emerald would be protected against evil spells. While it might not be as magical as the myths say, there’s definitely something alluring about including emerald in your home. From deep emerald walls to lush rugs, this is one of the easiest colors to design with.


Left: Surya Mykonos Area Rug ; Right: Nourison Nightfall Area Rug

Add Edginess with Navy Blue

Navy blue is the most confident of colors. Named after the uniforms of the British Royal Navy, this color is so dark it’s almost black. Navy is a jewel tone that is associated with confidence, power, and ability. It’s also elegant and sophisticated.

While it’s notoriously used for nautical home designs, don’t feel limited to this alone. It can also be paired with a pop of bright color for a modern touch or with a neutral cream shade for classic elegance.


Left: Abani Troy Area Rug ;  Right: Surya Horizon Area Rug

Create Luxurious Whimsy with Plum Purple

Few colors are as versatile as a deep, rich purple. The purple stone amethyst is known to represent intuition and spirituality. In Ancient Greek and Roman times, amethyst was worn as a to represent luxury, whether it was used in a crown, scepter, or ring.

Today, purple still has roots in wealth as well as creativity. It’s a color that asserts mystery and independence all at once, and it will add a touch of whimsy to any space. Plum purple is a color to play with, whether it’s the star of the show or a small feature of your overall design.

Left: Surya Antique Area Rug ; Center: Surya Mykonos Area Rug ; Right: Surya Serenade Area Rug

Jewel tones are in this year, and it’s time to embrace edgy colors in your own home. Adding jewel tones like those above, whether in big or small ways, will add to the meaning and influence of your home design.


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