How To Update Your Bathroom on a Budget

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The bathroom is more than just a necessary room in your home, this can also be a place of escape and relaxation. While you may not think of your current space in this context, with the proper design, you can give it that exact style and feel.

Unfortunately, you might not have extra funds to make your dream makeover an ultimate reality. Fortunately, you can give your bathroom new life and rejuvenate it without having to break the bank. If you are looking to make some cosmetic upgrades, here are a few helpful tips and tricks to take your bathroom to the next level.

Paint Color

Arguably the most important part of any room's design and feel is the use of color throughout the space. Beginning with the walls, you need to pick out a color that creates the mood you are looking for. The paint color you select will set the tone from the start for your bathroom, making your selection crucial to the overall theme of the area.

When selecting a paint color for your bathroom, it is a good rule of thumb to opt for a lighter shade rather than a dark tone. A lighter room will brighten up the space and make it feel a little bit larger than it actually is.

Renewing Surfaces

The bathroom is an area that gets an incredible amount of foot traffic and natural wear and tear. Over time, these affect can really begin to show themselves. Fortunately, giving the different surfaces in your bathroom doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg, and the simple upgrades can give the room an entirely new feel.

The countertop is one of the most frequently used spots in the bathroom, and if you are looking to give this a new life, tiling the countertop is one of the best and easiest ways to do so. This is a highly practical and efficient way to renew your countertop as it resists water and costs a fraction of a stone counter installation.

If you have wood floors that need a new look to them, consider giving them a fresh coat of paint over them. You can match the color scheme of your bathroom and have a little fun with a new paint job.

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Lighting Fixtures

One of the most overlooked elements for a bathroom is the type of lighting that is present in the room. The typical lighting options feature a vanity of a row of lights over the mirror with one or two ceiling lights.

To take your bathroom lighting to the next level, swap out the traditional ceiling light for a small pendant or chandelier option. If you are bored with your standard vanity, change out those lights with individual options with a little more personality

With these tips, you can give your bathroom the entirely new look it needs to give yourself a more enjoyable space.

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