How To Pick the Right Kitchen Theme

Photo Credit: Steve Larkin

The kitchen is a critical room in any home. Whether you spend a whole lot of time slaving over a hot oven or not, the kitchen is typically a great gathering place and is somewhere you visit quite often throughout the day. Probably more often than you even realize.

In order to create space that is inviting, practical, and functional for everyone in your home, there are a plethora of elements to take into account when designing your dream kitchen.

From color scheme to backsplash options, here are some tips on picking out the right elements for your kitchen theme.

Choosing Your Colors

Paint color is arguably the most important element when designing any room in your house, and it may also be one of the most overlooked factors to interior design.

When picking out the right paint color for your kitchen, you need to be sure you have an option that is ideal for your style and really ties your entire theme together.

Are you going for the classic farmhouse kitchen design? This rustic, all natural feel is characterized by warmth and a rustic, earthy feel. When selecting the paint colors for a farmhouse kitchen look, an all white or very neutral colors mixed with natural accents such as red or green can really bring the kitchen to life.

If modern is your style, keep the colors the same as you would in any other modern room. Black, white, and grey dominate these rooms. A white subway tile backsplash with black grout is an excellent place to start, pairing it with black cabinets and either grey or pure white walls.


Photo Credit: Highmark Builders


Your kitchen design won't matter one bit if you don't have the necessary function needed to do your cooking, move around, and also have a place to gather in with friends and family. The function of the kitchen is crucial, and having the right elements will help you take the space to the next level.

If you don't already have one, getting an island installed in your kitchen is an excellent way to take the space up a notch in regards to function. An island provides you with necessary space to present and store things in and on, while also creating an outstanding design piece no matter how you use it.

Storage Space

Your kitchen can be one of the busiest places in your home, and likely has a lot of items occupying space in every nook and cranny imaginable. Creating enough storage space for your kitchen is one of the hallmarks to successful and functional design in this area, and can be done through a few ways.

Shelves are your new best friend in design today, and they can work beautifully on a wall space in your kitchen. From storing plates or placing design elements on it, shelves are an excellent dual purpose unit for any kitchen.

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