Make the Most Out of Your Small Apartment

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Just because you have a studio apartment, doesn't mean your style has to suffer at the hands of your lack of space. Even with a few hundred square feet, you can adequately bring the interior design and theme that you dream of, to your own space.

The amount of room you have to work with is all subjective, so you really do have plenty of options to make the most out of your small apartment.

If you are looking to make the most out of the space you have to work with, here are a few helpful design tips and tricks.

Multipurpose Furniture

chair and dresser bedroom layoutA small bench or chest at the end of your bed that has a top that flips open is an excellent way to add a beautiful design piece and give yourself an area to store items you don't need out in the open.
One of the biggest problems most apartment owners have trouble with in a small space is having enough space for all of their belongings. If you don't have access to some sort of storage unit and have too many things than you have room for, furniture which doubles as storage space is an excellent way to not sacrifice on design or having to get rid of any items you truly love.

If you have a coffee table at your sofa in your living room, investing in one with a space underneath to store items such as blankets, pillows, or books, keeps all of these things handy without taking up extra space in your apartment.

Room Dividers

If you have a very small apartment, everything likely flows all together, getting rid of a feeling of privacy or escape if you leave the living room to go to your bedroom.

A great way to solve this problem is by hanging a sheet or canopy around your bed and the small surrounding area. This will provide your bedroom area with a secluded feel you may be desiring, making it feel like its own room in your apartment.

If you still want to have a flow through feel with a divider between areas, placing a large bookcase is an excellent way to divide up space while still working as a functional design and store unit for your space.


No matter how much room you have, shelves can be your best friend for a multitude of reasons. If you can get approval from the landlord, installing your own shelves where walls are lacking them is a great way to get some extra space in your apartment.

You can place a wide variety of items on shelves and can even use a lower one as a workspace if you work from your laptop. This can eliminate the need for a desk, freeing up a plethora of room to work with.

How do you get the most out of your small apartment? Let us know in the comments!

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