How to Give a New Face to a Small Space

At first glance you may think that a smaller area in the home, such as the entranceway, is where the least amount of your personal style can go.

However with the right touches this can turn out to be one of your favorite spaces!


Are you having thoughts of the huge metal hangers and a poor sales associate wrestling a huge rug to the ground? Well have no fear! Many stores and online companies now sell a wide range of sizes, textures and designs at a discounted price delivered right to your door making it much more convenient! So adding a rug or two to your home is a must! Even in the lil' spots.


So once you have chosen the space that needs the facelift go ahead and measure the area you want to cover. Or the space you've chosen needs a little facelift.

Remember to write down one or two options with size in mind just in case you find a rug you love that you weren't expecting. It could turn out to be different than what you initially planned but a great add to the area!

Then decide on shape. Square, oblong, round etc.

When deciding these factors don't forget to consider the furniture that will possibly be on top of the rug or in the same space.

As an example if you are purchasing a rug for inside an entranceway,  is there a shoe basket or a catch all table that will be placed on top of the rug ? Maybe even a small plant or chair ? If so then you can measure appropriately and know what size and shape would work best.

One way to make sure you have a good idea in mind is getting a piece of paper and drawing out a silhouette of where things will be.

This will give you a good sense of the space you want covered or uncovered.After you have a good idea of shape and size, it’s time to consider TEXTURE !

My personal favorite part.This is where you set the mood for the space.

Your home probably already has a lot of your personal style and touches to it. So when choosing a rug you want to make sure that the texture or design really POPS! Really adds to your space. Makes you happy when you see it! So take some time to decide what style you'd like. Do you like farmhouse style, minimalist, bohemian, eclectic ? Here are some examples from below that are great in design, texture and price !

1.  Jaipur Etho By Nikki Chu Gemma Area Rug

2. Anji Mountain River Sand Jute Area Rug

3. Surya Anika ANI-1028 Area Rug

Once you have decided what style you prefer it’s time to pick a rug!

So have your size written down or in a note in your phone and get to shopping! I like to take a screenshot of ideas I see or photos on Interior Design websites to have as a reference when shopping. Just to remind me of what I really like or an idea I loved.

So in the end when purchasing your new “Facelift” rug or rugs I recommend keeping these simple tips in mind !

1) Size

2) Space it will be in

3) Your preferred style

4) Easy access to reference pics

5) DON'T STOP AT ONE ! Rugs are always a good idea to spruce up any space   especially the one you may have forgotten about!

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