How To Make a Large Room Feel More Comfortable

Many homeowners are always looking to make their smaller rooms feel and function a little bit bigger than they already are. While small rooms can present a host of challenges to overcome for entertaining and design, large rooms can pose an entirely different set of problems on their own.

A room which is too big can be difficult to manage and function within for day to day living, and making it feel a little more cozy can be a tall task. If you have a large room and are looking to make it feel more comfortable, here are a few design tips and tricks to follow.

Create a Focal Point

If you have a room that is slightly too big for what you need, or there is a lot of empty space in the area, picking a piece to serve as your focal point of the room is an excellent place to start. This piece can be anything for a sofa, a large sectional, a coffee table, even your home theatre system. As long as this piece is the central focus of the room and everything gathers around or in front of it, you can make the space feel a bit more cozy.


If you feel as though there is too much space on your walls or you have too many random items strewn throughout the room, adding built-ins to the wall is an excellent way to remedy both of these issues. Built-ins on a large wall in your oversized room can serve as an outstanding design piece which can add character and elegance to your room. It is also a way to make a large space feel a little more cozy with the ability to make the sides feel slightly closer than they normally would be.

With the ability to store items on the shelves of the built-in features as well, you can free up more space for larger items such as sofas, chairs, sectionals, ottomans and more.


Art Work

Do you have a space with a large blank wall making the area feel too open and large for what you need? Introducing artwork to the wall is a great way to cut down on the open space and create an excellent design element which is unique to any other space in your home.

With a variety of different artwork designs and layout schemes, you can take up this space and create the more comfortable and moved-in feel you are looking for.


Figuring the correct spacing and layout of your rooms is another crucial element of creating a more comfortable space out of a large room. If you are hugging the walls too much with furniture, you will create a large void in the middle and feel farther apart from people in the room. In contrast, furniture too close will make you feel like you're swimming in an ocean.

Finding the correct balance and spacing is critical to getting the optimal comfortability out of your large room.

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