How To Design an Elegant Dining Room

If you are a family who eats dinner together often, the dining room is an area where you may spend a considerable amount of time during the week. Designing your dining room properly requires a balance of several different areas and elements, and may focus more on subtle touches rather than a complete overhaul, depending on what kind of look or mood you are going for in your space.

If you are looking to create an elegant and comfortable dining room for your family and guests to gather in, here are a few design tips and tricks to bring a one of a kind space to life.

Work With What You Have

No matter what room you are working on designing, arguably the most important part is recognizing the amount of space you have, and how you can properly utilize that space.

Picking out the right furniture for your space that can accommodate a good amount of people, yet doesn't take up too much space can be a difficult balance to negotiate. In order to help with this planning, be smart about what you have one the walls in the room. Can you move a table or a hutch to a different area? If you can make your space feel as though there is more room than there actually is, you are on the right track.

Picking a Theme

You may have seen a design scheme or fun decoration idea on Pinterest that you are dying to get into your home somewhere. While it may be an excellent focal point for your dining room design, make sure it matches with the design throughout the rest of your home.

You don't want a farmhouse look in the rest of your home and a random modern design theme in your dining room. Picking a design that matches what you have going on in the rest of your home is key to making sure everything stays consistent and works together.


Photo Credit: Karen Roe

Don't Forget About the Floor

In many rooms throughout their homes, many people neglect the floor and think it should simply remain bland and bare. In the dining room, however, this is the perfect space to make use of the floor with a design element which can complete the overall look and feel of the room. There is no better way to do this than with an area rug.

By introducing an area rug under the table and chairs, you can add some warmth and color to the room where it may be lacking. By picking a pattern which matches your design theme, you can tie your entire room together. Make sure the chairs can pull all the way and stay on the rug itself when trying to select how big of an area you need to cover.

Follow these simple tips and tricks and you'll be on your way to a magnificent dining room.

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