How To Choose the Perfect Lighting Fixtures for Your Home

No matter what room in your home you are working with, finding the right lighting is arguably one of the most important elements of tying a space together and making it function properly.

Each room in your home, however, functions completely different from the last, meaning different lighting fixtures need to be placed accordingly.

If you are struggling to pick out the right fixtures for the different rooms throughout your home, here are a few tips and tricks to follow to make your home function better and feel more comfortable.

Living Room

Arguably the most important room in your entire home, the living room is where a large majority of your time is likely spent and is the go-to space when you have guests over. Providing enough area for proper entertaining, you also need the right lighting to set the mood for any of your get togethers.

Do you have tall ceilings with a lot of space to work with? Introducing a chandelier the room is an excellent way to light up the space as well as incorporate a one of a kind design piece which is sure to be a talking point for anyone who comes to your home.

In contrast, a room which features lower, more standard lighting options can benefit from the installation of recessed lighting. While providing excellent illumination for the entire area, it won't cut into the amount of space you have by hanging down from the ceiling.


Another incredibly important room to focus on the lighting for in your home is the kitchen. The area where you prepare your food and gather together with friends and family should receive top of the line lighting which matches both your style and the atmosphere you are looking to create.

If you have an island in your kitchen, you have the perfect setup for introducing pendant lighting to the space. As long as the ceilings provide for it, stringing along a few matching pendant lights above your island is a great way to provide yourself with adequate lighting for the space, as well as creating a high-quality design element as well.


If your dining room is right next to your kitchen in a more open floor plan, matching a chandelier above your dining room table is a great way to tie the entire space together.


Another important room in your home which can't be overlooked for lighting is your bedroom. Creating a relaxing feel in your bedroom is an absolute must as it is a space you can retreat to for peace and quiet.

Soft lamp lighting with exciting features such as pendant lighting is an excellent place to start as you need a slightly dimmer, more calming affect for the lighting in this space. If you have the necessary space, an elegant chandelier in the center of the room can also help create the relaxing mood needed in a bedroom.

How do you light your home? Tell us about your fixtures in the comments.

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