5 Interior Design Rules You Should Break

They say rules are made to be broken, but one of the hardest areas to do that in is with interior design.

The unwritten rules of interior design and home decor are ones that are drilled into our brains when trying to put together a new space. If you branch out correctly, though, you can make a new room all your own with a few tweaks here and there.

From mismatched furniture to furnishing an all-white room, here are some of the best ways to break the design rules and still create an outstanding space.

Rule 1: Never Paint the Ceiling

When painting a new room, you've likely heard this one over and over again. Painting the ceiling can add a unique effect or complete the look you are going for with your other four walls.

Don't want to make one of your four walls an accent wall? Consider the ceiling as a fifth wall that is perfect for an accent touch with a solid color or a cool design. Just make sure you avoid black for the entire thing.

Rule 2: Your Wood Fixtures Need to Match

From wood countertops, wood flooring, that classic wood dresser and your wood bed frame, they need to match when in the same space.


This is a design element nowadays that you can branch out and make a little more creative. As long as the grains or wood types are not too drastically different, you can successfully blend light and dark wood stains will in any space in your home.

The old adage that each room needs something bright isn't necessary when you utilize texturing properly. Nothing looks classier and cleaner than an all-white kitchen or all-white bedroom that has different pieces textured and blended throughout.
Rule 3: Every Room Needs a Pop of Color

If you use texturing correctly, a monochromatic theme can work beautifully in any room in your home without having to throw in that "necessary" pop of color.

Rule 4: Don't Paint a Small Space Dark

We know that dark paint in a small room can sometimes make it feel even smaller, but if you select the right room to break this rule in, it can instantly add class and elegance to the space.

By selecting one of your half bathrooms or even a smaller office space, a dark grey or navy blue can work beautifully if you blend it with the right accent pieces such as metallic elements and all-white fixtures.

Rule 5: Old and New Don't Go Together

By far one of the most outdated rules of interior design out there, old and new are perfect together in today's home decor setups as you can easily blend a rustic and modern feel with the proper balance of elements.

Do you have a modern table but some more traditional chairs that were handed down to you? Give them new life with a paint job or refinishing and you have a perfect blend of two different styles. Don't be afraid to get creative with these two themes and you can have a beautiful space in no time.

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