How To Decorate With Neutrals

These days it seems like every design trend leans toward an emphasis on adding a splash of color to any room you are working on. While this can be a nice touch to many spaces in your home, you may be more of a fan of neutral colors and are looking for some way to design with these elements.

Fortunately, there are many ways you can design with neutral colors and still come up with a trendy and exciting look. If you are wanting to pull off this theme, here are a few helpful tips and tricks to make it happen.


One of the most important features to pull off the neutral look with multiple different colors throughout the room is with the use of texturing.

Whether it is your living room of your home office, properly using texture throughout the space is one of the best ways to successfully pulling off this look.

You can also get away with a blend of matching and contrasting pillows. A dark lighter brown or beige patterned pillow are both great choices as you can alternate them along your couch.Do you have a beige or off-white couch in your living room? Work off of this color with similar items on the coffee table. A dark wood coffee table that features plenty of off-white accessories such as candles and candle holders, or even hardcover novels with a beige cover are a great way to texture space with your couch.

Natural Greens

While you may be going for the all-neutral look with a blend of different whites, greys, and khakis, but still adding some sort of color is a great way to bring a room to life.

While this doesn't have to be a bright orange accent pillow or a variety of different colored picture frames on the wall, adding some color is key to blending with neutrals.

One of the best ways to make this look work is to introduce some natural green to the room with some plant life. Whether it is a small plant on the coffee table or an array of them sitting in the window sill, this is one of the most subtle and calming ways to bring in color without being too overbearing.


Just like with any design theme, properly using accessories in your space is one of the most important ways to pull off the textured neutral look.

A great way to incorporate some stylish accessories that don't overshadow your neutral look is with some warm metals. Whether it is a decorative silver piece resting on the coffee of side couch table, or a mirror on the wall that features a gold frame, introducing warmer metals like these are perfect for creating a neutral space with a little flair.

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