Create a Farmhouse Look for your Home

Trying to create a more rustic, earthy feel to your home? Then look no further than the farmhouse design which perfectly bring a more natural style to your home.

The pre-turn of the century home that is defined by simplicity and function. From design elements like big flower arrangements and beat up wood cabinets and tables, there are a plethora of elements to play with when trying to create this theme.

If you are looking to create the rustic feel of a farmhouse in your home, here are a few simple design tips and tricks to follow.

Incorporating Wood

One of the best ways to create the natural farmhouse feel is with the use of more natural elements in your basic designs and functions.

The use of wood is a great way to create this feel in your home. A perfect place to start is with natural hardwood floors. Utilizing this material for the flooring in your home can create a wonderfully warm feel. While it is a little more expensive than alternative options, it is almost a must-have for this design theme.

Another great area to incorporate wood into the base of your house is by making your walls and ceilings a painted wood material. Whether you use beadboard or have planks laid on and painted, this is a great way to instantly bring this feel to your home.

country kitchenArguably the best room to create the farmhouse feel is in the kitchen. From the cabinets and drawers to the fixtures, there are a plethora of different places to incorporate this look into this space.
The Kitchen

Starting with everyday fixtures, installing a farmhouse sink is a must have to complete this look. This highly functional and stylish sink is ideal for anyone who is in the kitchen often.

As far as other elements are concerned, cabinets and drawers are both great areas to work this design into your kitchen. Instead of covered cabinets, glass paneling creates a wonderful design element that allows great lighting with the windows while showing off your beautiful plate ware. As far as the colors are concerned, keeping the cabinets and drawers white with dark pull and handles will help complete this look.

Your kitchen counters are another place to complete the farmhouse look. Wood countertops that match up with the design of your wood floors will create a very warm and natural feel to this space that is truly farmhouse material.


Shelves are important in any room in your home, from the kitchen to the living room. One of the best ways to keep with the farmhouse theme in your storage and design is by installing open shelving on the wall.

By using these shelves for both functional and stylish storage, you can complete your farmhouse look.

Do you have a farmhouse design? What are your favorite design elements? Let us know in the comments!

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