Surya Rugs

Company Info

Surya's history goes back to 1976 when a buyer from Federated Group (now Macy's) met Surya Tiwari, an India native designing and hand-producing beautiful and simple rugs. From this meeting formed a partnership that would eventually lead to the development of Surya rugs. In its early days, the company started out producing classically-designed, hand-knotted rugs for United States customers. Eventually, demand became so great that in 1986 Surya established a division in the US and began opening its doors to new and exciting opportunities. 
In the resulting years, Surya grew by leaps and bounds, expanding their operation to include the design and production of rugs, lighting, wall décor, accent furniture, and bedding. These new items not only helped grow the company name but cement its reputation as a quality provider of home décor. Eventually, the company grew its portfolio to include a staggering list of 60,000 different products, from the most traditional to the most contemporary in design, but always with consideration for form, function, and – ultimately – quality. 
Today, Surya's son Satya is President and steward of the Surya brand and has continued to honor his father's traditional beginnings by combining time-tested weaving techniques with new styles and continually-innovative designs. This has led to a surge in popularity so great, that Surya Rugs has shown up on the Inc. 5000 list of America's fastest-growing private companies several times over. With a bright future and wide selection of products, there's no telling how the Surya story will end. 

Collections of the Surya Rugs 

Surya Rugs come in a wide variety of collections, each including anywhere from several to dozens of designs. These designs draw from many different sources, including traditional geometric patterns, natural shapes, and even contemporary images like brick or concrete. This makes Surya rugs a highly eclectic provider of home décor – able to satisfy virtually any style or theme without the customer having to shop around. 

With dozens of collections to choose from, shoppers should have no problem identifying a design, style, or theme that fits their needs. This long list includes the classic, complex Relic collection, with its light, sepia tones and geometric shapes, as well as the Quatro collection, which features more urban and concrete-inspired designs. Other favorite collections include the floral, old-world inspired Aberdine collection, the regal, geometric Monte Carlo collection, and the earth-tone drove, ultra-modern Zanzibar line. 

Despite the fact that Surya offers so many different product lines, each one maintains its own unique look, feel, and “attitude.” Whether hand-crafted, loomed, or machine weaved, there is an affordable rug for every budget and in virtually every style. Materials, as well, can vary quite a bit from line to line, with some using natural fibers like silk, wool, cotton, and sheepskin, while others utilize less common carpet materials like acrylic, nylon, and rubber. 

As a global company, Surya utilizes a number of different inspirations for their designs, with some 20+ designs contributing patterns that invoke everything from Medieval Europe to Morocco to the streets of New York City. Shoppers are encouraged to explore the different collections, themes, and designs in detail by shopping for Surya online because you never know when that “perfect” rug will appear on the screen. 

Styles of the Surya Rugs 

Thanks to its close relationship with a number of famous designers and a true dedication to the craft, Surya area rugs are among the most beautiful and prized on the market. No matter one's taste of design preferences, there's a Surya carpet just waiting to define a room, outdoor space, or entryway. From homes to apartments to hotels and rental spaces, there's no telling where you will encounter a Surya design. 
Of course, with so many collections available, it goes without saying that Surya rugs come in a wide selection of styles. These include Indoor / Outdoor rugs, Bohemian or Global designs, Modern, Natural Fiber, as well as a set of unique Hide, Leather, and Fur designs. Other styles include Shag, Treasured, Traditional, and Updated Traditional, which features classic patterns with a modern twist. The lack of a definable, identifiable style is not an accident, but the very intent of Surya's production team. With so many different types of rugs to choose from, everyone – regardless of taste or budget – can have access to one of these high-quality rugs. 

Types of the Surya Rugs 

Surya rugs range all over the spectrum, from round to a rectangle, to oval, and even octagonal designs. This allows their rugs to compliment almost any area, regardless of size and makes them far more versatile from a design perspective. As Surya's runners are famous for their eye-popping appeal, the ability to alter the length and width at will is a huge benefit. 

As the Surya Company has grown in scale and size, it has opened up operations all over the globe. Depending on which factors a customer chooses, their rugs could be the product of a number of different countries, including Belgium, China, Turkey, Egypt, and India. So while these rugs may embrace a wide array of styles, material types, and manufacturing processes, customers can rest assured that they are all manufactured with quality and purpose, and worthy of the Surya name. 

An in-depth look at Surya rugs, a popular brand of old-world inspired rugs, draperies, and other textile products that have evolved to become one of the most trusted names in the business. From the company's humble beginnings to its latest collections, styles, and designs, Surya has an amazing and stylish story to tell.