5 Clocks For Your Home

Clocks are one of the best design elements you can have in any room of your home as they double as both a functional piece, as well as an outstanding interior design touch. Whether it is a large traditional looking clock in your bedroom or a unique design with a little more character for your living room, there are a plethora of different options available.

If you are in the market for a clock for any space in your house, take a look at some of these fantastic options which are sure to add a great touch.


Easily one of the most unique and creative looking clocks you will see available on the market today, the 
supreme metal wall clock is guaranteed to get attention from your guests wherever it is in your home.Supreme Metal Wall Clock

This navy blue metal clock is perfect for any ocean lover as the unique anchor design with a nautical compass placed in the center brings a fantastic aquatic and sailing feel to the room. For a vintage clock unlike any other out there, look no further than this fantastic piece.

Do you have a table or a shelf missing one more design element? 
This fantastic square table clock may be the finishing touch you are looking for. Featuring an off-white frame and a black face, the roman numerals go around the square frame to create a look which is timeless and elegant. Featuring shining silver hour and minute hands to complete the look, this piece is sure to add instant class and style to your space.Steel Table Clock


For the homeowner looking for a more traditional looking clock with a bit of a twist, put your own personal touch on your home with this 
vintage antiqued metal wall clock. An off-white metal frame surrounds the off-white face which features oversized black numbers. Measuring 37 inches across, this is the perfect clock to take up a blank wall in your home, whether it is an office, living room, or bedroom.Antiqued Styled Metal Wall Clock


For the homeowner looking for a functional design piece which will set their room apart from every other one, look no further than 
this one of a kind clock. Made from a durable metal material, this worn-out looking double sided clock mounts onto your wall as the clock itself protrudes from the mounting, giving you a visible time on both sides. Featuring traditional black roman numerals on the tan face, this clock is sure to start a conversation among your guests.Antique Themed Double Side Clock


Measuring 35 inches across and made from a durable metal material, this 
unique looking clock is ideal for the homeowners going for the industrial look. This black clock features large white numbers at each quarter of an hour, creating a magnificent contrast which is sure to pop in any room you place it in. For a rustic design touch to your room, look no further than this outstanding clock.Exquisitely Designed Metal Wall Clock

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