Basics of Modern Design

Modern home design has grown in popularity at breakneck speed in the past few years and is one of the best themes to go for when you are looking for class and simplicity. On the surface, simple may come off as slightly boring or lacking character. When modern design is done correctly, however, it can create the same comfort and luxury you would find in other, more traditional design themes.

For the homeowner looking to implement this design into their space, here are a few simple tips and tricks to successfully pulling it off.


Minimalism and simplicity are hallmarks of this outstanding theme and can help add much-needed luxury and class to your home with some simple furniture additions and easy rearrangement.

Focusing on your furniture for different rooms is one of the best ways to start out in your modern design venture. When it comes to the furniture in your space, sticking with the basics is the first thing to focus on in your design. A simple two or three seat sofa with a complimentary armchair will be enough to provide you with comfortable seating while still accomplishing the simplistic look.

As far as colors are concerned in the modern look for your living room, neutrals are the thing to focus on. Whether it is black, grey, or white, these neutral base colors are the perfect option to center your design focus around. Compliment these pieces with a colorful pillow or throw blanket to add a little pop and character to the space.

To compliment the furniture in the room, a modern coffee table made from a metal frame with a glass tabletop is an excellent piece that is both functional and aesthetically appealing. As long as the furniture is simple and is characterized by sleek design, sharp lines, and a low-profile, you can pull off the modern look.



The next and arguably most important piece of the puzzle to pulling off modern interior design is by establishing an open floor plan in your home. Gone are the days of defined walls which separate each room making the home feel cut off and secluded. Modern design is characterized by free-flowing space and energy from room to room, giving it a new age vibe which helps everything work together seamlessly.

A common design for a downstairs is by having the kitchen flow into the dining room and the living room a little further off. While it can still feel disconnected from the dining room to still provide it its own designated space, you can easily connect them with the proper use of furniture or accessories. You can't go wrong with an area rug or a runner to connect the spaces without making them feel as if they are occupying the same area.

Do you have a modern interior design? How do you make the space work together and pull off this look? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

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