How To Hang Pictures Like A Designer

When it comes to completing the interior design of your home, one of the best ways to pull this off is by hanging artwork and photos throughout the space.

Unfortunately, hanging these pieces perfectly can be much easier said than done.

From accurately spacing the piece from the side walls, finding the perfect height on the wall, to making sure it is even when you are finished, here are a few helpful tips and tricks to perfectly hanging a photo like a professional every time.

Avoid the Eye Test

Okay, we know you completely trust your eyes way more than a tape measure, but unless you want to spend your evening filling in holes in your drywall, avoid using the eye test and create an example of your set up on the wall.

By using painter's tape or even large pieces of paper, you can easily create a diagram that accurately uses the amount of space your photos and paintings will take up on the wall. This can give you a better idea on space and save you a lot of time and headaches during the setup process.

Get the Right Hardware

If you are focused on longevity, using the right hardware when hanging your photos and other pieces of art if crucial.

While simply nailing a single nail into the wall can be a quick fix, the photo will likely fall off in the long run or worse, rip the nail out of the wall.

If you want your frame to hang up on the wall for a long period of time, taking a little more time in the prep work is key. Invest in some plastic anchors and screws to do the job right.

Take a drill and drill and hole big enough to where you can push the whole anchor in, but it is still snug. You may need to use a hammer to tap it in at the end. Once you have done this, simply hand screw the screw into the anchor for a strong hold.

Proper Balance

Now that you know the technical side of hanging, properly designing is the next big step to creating the perfect setup.

Finding the right place for your art is key to successfully designing with these pieces, and there are several common places in home to perfectly pull off the design:

  • A big wall: If you have a large blank wall, you have a couple of different options to choose from. By either using a large piece or several smaller ones, you can easily fill up space and create a cool design element.
  • Behind furniture: Do you have your couch up against a blank wall? Consider hanging a large mirror or two small mirrors above it. While not only taking up space, on the wall, you can also make your room feel much bigger and bring elegance and style.

Follow these simple steps and you can hang your pictures like a pro in no time.

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