The Fundamentals of Interior Design

Successful interior design doesn't have to be limited to a couple of features here and there.

To properly put a space together, there are a wide variety of fundamentals to learn before you begin designing your next room.

From color usage, texture, flooring and more, there are several elements you should be strictly focused on when learning how to properly put your space together.

If you are just starting out doing interior design, here are some important basics to get a strong grasp of.


Arguably the most important feature of any room, the colors used throughout the space can complete dictate the mood and theme you are going for.

A neutral wall color with more warm, neutral colors throughout in elements such as carpet and furniture will help to create a soft and inviting atmosphere. In contrast, utilizing brighter colors can be much more stimulating, while dark walls can make an area feel much smaller than it actually is.


No matter what theme or mood you are after, the balance of the space can make or break that design feel.

Overloading one side of the room can create a more modern feel and give off the casual vibe, while a more symmetrical room will give off the classic, vintage look to a home that makes many people comfortable.

When going for an exact theme, be sure to focus on the overall balance and lines of the room itself.

Function and Form

While going for trendiness and wow factor may be high on your list, these aspects should not come at the expense of sacrificing function in your space.

Picking a piece that can be a quality focal point in your room is a great place to start when designing a space from scratch.

Whether this is a vintage coffee table, a traditionally designed sectional, or your home entertainment setup, some piece should be the focal point for the room to create a balance and give you something to build the rest of the area around.

Room to Room Transition

Do you have an open floor plan downstairs, such as having the kitchen run into the dining room and then run into the living room?

This is a very common design element that provides you with a great opportunity to really make a room flow together and create wonderful balance and different themes.

The most important element in this plan however is how things are spaced together. Do you have a wood floor that runs from the dining room into the carpeted living room?

Being sure to not have furniture or other accessories too close to the edges of these lines or blocking any natural walkways is one of the biggest things to focus on. Balance and comfort are both crucial to the success of your space.

By following a few of these basics, you can create a successful room every time you design.

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