The Basics for Arranging Furniture

No matter what room you are designing, one of the most important parts of the home decor setup is the arrangement of furniture.

Whether it is the living room couches and sofas to the master bedroom bed and lounge chairs, there are a wide range of different elements that factor into each room.

If you are trying to set up your room like the professionals do, we have a few tips and tricks to help you make it the best you possibly can.


When it comes to designing your living room, one of the most important pieces to the entire function of the space is the couch. From the color and size, to where exactly you place it in the room.

One of the best things you can work into the space with the couch is a quality area rug. If you have a room with neutral colored walls and a neutral couch or sofa, this is the perfect place to work a brightly colored area rug into the space. With a little color or exciting pattern, you can add some fun texture and excitement to the surroundings.

Another important element to take into account when placing your couch in a room is the spacing you focus on. Instead of going for the traditional placement of setting the couch right up against a wall, consider leaving some space behind it to either create a comfortable walkway or even place a backrest-high coffee table behind it.

Central Piece

Having a central piece that everything is worked around is a very important element when it comes to the overall design of any room in your home. If it is your living room, this will likely be some sort of sofa. If you are focused on your office, a high quality desk is a great piece to place as your important piece. For those working on the master bedroom, your bed will be the logical piece of furniture as the focal point.

With this piece, you can balance the room with quality bedside tables with elegant lamps are a great way to balance it out and add some extra light to the space. Another great way to balance your bed as the focal piece is with a classy lounge chair in the corner or on a side wall. By having this piece match a color of either a throw pillow or blanket, you can add your own personal touch on the area.


No matter what room you focus on, having it function properly and flow smoothly together is of the utmost importance. If your living room moves directly into your dining room, make sure there is plenty of space when you enter each room. It will only feel cramped if you are walking right into the the dining room table or the corner of the couch in their respective spaces.

Follow a few of these simple tips and tricks and you can set up a room that looks like a professional designed it.

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