How To Choose the Right Area Rug

When it comes to interior design, floors are often a feature that gets overlooked and neglected.

One of the best ways you can utilize the floor and get the most out of any room in your home is through the use of a quality area rug. From the kitchen, living room, or bedroom, the right size and shape of area rug can make all the difference when bringing a room together.

Matching Your Space

Selecting the right area rug isn't just about filling the space in a room that feels empty. One of the biggest keys to picking out the proper area rug is knowing how to properly match the rest of your room.

Whether it is the couch in your living room or your furniture in the master bedroom, matching the area rug to the furniture in the room is one of the most important aspects. While you won't want to match the colors perfectly, selecting one of the accent colors or a similar pattern in a quality contrast color is one of the best ways to successfully match the area rug.

For example, a master bedroom with white linen sheets are a navy blue duvet cover will match perfectly with a white rug that features that same color of navy blue in a unique pattern.

If the room you are placing an area rug in is heaving dominated by solid furniture or furniture that doesn't feature much pattern or texture, this is a great time to really think outside the box and get creative with your rug selection. Selecting a rug that showcases a unique design that is clearly visible, such as zigzag or a tapestry looking mosaic print is a great way to add some excitement to the space.

Size and Shape

Other than choosing the proper color for the rug, the overall size and shape of the material is another incredibly important part of choosing the correct rug. If you are utilizing one for a pad underneath your dining table, you don't want a rug that barely stretches past the legs of your table as it will feel far too small. When selecting the right size rug, make sure the chairs are still all on the rug is key for the dining table balance. Leaving just a couple of feet around the table is typically a good balance that will help fill out the room properly.

Shape is also a very important feature to consider when selecting the area rug for your room as the shape should properly match that of the furniture you have in your home. A more modern shaped couch and coffee table will work best if you introduce a square rug that fits underneath all your furniture in the space.

Follow some of these simple tips and tricks and you will find yourself the right area rug for any space in your home.

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