Rug Pad Content

Every rug deserves a rug pad.

Having a rug pad under your area rug is as crucial as having a coaster on a table – and works quite similarly. The purpose of a rug pad is to protect your rug and your floor, to eliminate slipping or movement, as well as reduce the amount of wear and tear it experiences. There are also rug pads precisely designed for certain floor materials or outdoor use so it’s important to pick the right pad for your area rug.

What does a rug pad do?

  • Increases Comfort
    • All rug pads, especially thicker ones, provide an added cushioning to your area rug offering a softer, more enjoyable feel when walking across.
  • Prevents Slipping / Rug Movement
    • Rug pads come with a sticky underside to firmly grip onto the floor beneath. This eliminates any slipping or movement that may occur when walking on the rug
  • Adds Protection
    • Using a rug pad will not only protect the rug itself but also the flooring beneath it. Tile, marble, or hardwood floors can suffer scratches and scuffs over time when a rug is laid bare.
    • A rug pad will protect the rug itself by reducing the wear and tear that occurs with daily use – effectively prolonging a rug’s lifetime.
    • Rug pads are also specifically designed to offer enhanced air circulation, which in turn reduces the possibility of foul odors or mold that may develop underneath a rug.

Pads vary both in material and thickness, with each variant having their own unique capabilities. A thicker rug pad will provide a larger cushion area, thus offering a softer feel when walking on the rug. A thin rug pad will come with a more sticky backing to completely eliminate slippage and movement – which is preferable on tile or marble floors. There are also rug pads specifically designed for outdoor use so it’s important to pick the right pad for your area.

Choose a rug pad based on your floor:

Indoor/ Outdoor Rug Pad ( PAD140)
  • Great for rugs placed outdoors
  • Cushioned for increased comfort
  • Strong grip-Increased air
  • Available Sizes