5 Natural Stones You'll Fall in Love With for Your Counters

Selecting the proper material for your countertops can be a difficult task. The surface needs to be both functional and aesthetically appealing, and with so many options to choose from, finding what is best for your needs is easier said than done.

One of the best available to you on the market today is stone. Stone come in a versatile number of options, has outstanding durability, and creates instant elegance in your space.

If you are considering installing stone countertops in your home, here are some of the stone materials to choose from.


Arguably the favorite in the world of stone countertops, granite is one of the best all-around materials you can install in your home for a myriad of reasons. One of the biggest positives from this stone is the value it holds. This material is one of the longest lasting on the market today and creates a beautiful, completely unique finish. While it may be more expensive than other options, it will add instant value to your home.



If you are looking for an eco-friendly stone which is also durable, look no further than soapstone. While it does not possess the same aesthetic complexities as granite, marble, or quartz, soapstone is still a beautiful material to select for your counter. One of the best features about this material is the durability it possesses as you can place a hot pan or pot on it and the surface will not be damaged.

natural stone counterOne of the more popular stones these days for its aesthetics and a non-porous surface is slate. If you are looking for a more solid, consistent look to your countertops rather than the versatility in marble or granite, slate is one of the most uniform options available today. One of the more durable and affordable stone options around, slate provides a long lasting surface which can take plenty with low-level maintenance.


If you are focused on a highly aesthetic countertop with quality durability, look no further than marble. Best-known for it's elegant, and complex visual appeal, marble is one of the best all around surfaces you can get for your countertops. As far as overall durability is concerned, marble is one of the best you can get with its heat resistance. If the marble is sealed correctly, this can be one of the longest lasting surfaces you ever have for your counters.


A lesser known stone in the world of countertop materials, travertine is a beautiful natural stone which can save you a fortune on installation. Popularly found in building material, travertine is far less expensive than stones such as granite or quartz. This luxurious material also comes in a wide array of different color options for you to choose from and is very easy to shape, making it one of the most customizable options around for countertops.

Do you have stone countertops in your home? What natural stone do you prefer? Tell us about it in the comments below!

Photo credit: NancyHugoCKD.com / Foter.com / CC BY-ND

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