How to Completely Change Your Kitchen With Reclaimed Wood

If you are trying to create a more traditional, rustic look in your kitchen, one of the best materials  you can implement in a variety of spaces is reclaimed wood. This material has a great ability to bring warmth and character no matter how it is used and provides you the ability to customize the look with a wide range of different wood options.

So why is this such an outstanding material to use in your kitchen and what are the best ways to make it a practical option? Take a look at these tips and tricks on how to properly use reclaimed wood.

Why Use Reclaimed Wood

When it comes to renovation in any home, sustainability is usually near the top of the list for many homeowners. You want something you are going to love, but will also be able to last a long time without needing continuous upgrades and maintenance.

Reclaimed wood is incredibly strong and holds its value very well as far as lasting a very long time. Whether you are using it to replace your kitchen flooring, building a new coffee table, or want to use it to frame a mirror for the wall, there are a plethora of different ways you can incorporate this wood into your home.


Hardwood flooring is an incredibly popular option for many kitchen flooring options as it provides both quality and aesthetics with the natural grain and wonderful color options.

If you are after the weathered, worn down look for your wood floors, reclaimed wood is the ideal option as it comes with this finish naturally. No need to wait for a floor to get the natural wear and tear look as reclaimed wood comes ready to go.


One of the most popular trends in kitchen design is the use of wood countertops. Whether it is butcher block or a reclaimed wood, this is an excellent material for your countertop as it can withstand wear and tear over time and still keep its finish.

If you are looking to create a warm tone in your kitchen, utilizing the same wood for both your countertops and the floor is a great way to tie the space together.

DIY Island

Have you always wanted an island in your kitchen, but it simply wasn't in your budget? By using reclaimed wood, you can build your own custom island for a fraction of the price and have it for years to come. Build it as big or as small as you like, and as intricate as you want.

A DIY island is an excellent way to use reclaimed wood in your kitchen and combine both function and aesthetics where you need it most. From a simple table-esque design to creating your own waterfall countertop with reclaimed boards, the sky is the limit to what you can accomplish with reclaimed wood.

Do you use reclaimed wood in your kitchen? Let us know about it in the comments!

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