5 Wine Racks You Need

Lovers of wine know having a proper display rack for your favorite beverage is essential. While this can be used as a great storage unit for your wine bottles, it is also a great design element for your kitchen or dining room.

If you are in the market for a new wine display rack, here are some of the coolest and more uniquely designed ones available at rugsavings.com.

Handmade Hangable Wine Rack With 16 Slots

The perfect addition to your space when you need plenty of room to store your wine, this display rack provides enough area to store up to 16 bottles for a fantastic look and optimal storage.

Measuring 21 inches wide, 25 inches tall, and four inches thick,  this beautiful wine rack will look fantastic hanging in either your kitchen or dining room.

With 16 slots, you can simply slide the neck of the bottle into the hole in this wood for easy access and secure storage.

Sheet Metal Wood Wine Rack

For innovative design and outstanding function,  this is the perfect rack for any lover of wine. Made from a combination of sheet metal and high-quality wood, this is the perfect piece to store several of your favorite bottles.

Measuring 15 inches wide, 11 inches deep, and 16 inches long, this fantastic unit is framed by a sheet metal all around to provide a wonderful modern look, as two pieces of solid wood make an "X" through the center to create slots for the bottles on both the sides and up above the "X."

Wall Wood Metal Wine Rack

For those wanting a storage rack that hangs on the wall, this is one of the best-looking models available today. Made from solid reclaimed wood and iron alloy,  this wonderful piece provides enough slots for five of your favorite bottles to hang on the wall.

With a reclaimed wood piece measuring 26 inches across and eight inches tall, five metal slots don the front of the piece, providing a perfect design and angled spot for you to store your wine.

Wine Holder With Simple Design and Dark Finish

If you have a lot of bottles on hand, it may be essential to have a much larger storage unit for your favorite wine. If this is the case, this is the perfect piece for your setup.

A fantastic piece made from high-quality wood , this is one of the best all-around storage units you can have for all your wine essentials. Measuring 31 inches wide and four feet tall, this wine rack allows you to store all of your wine bottles and glasses alike.

Iron Wood Metal Wine Rack

Another outstanding piece to hang on your wall, this rack features a great combination of reclaimed wood and high-quality iron alloy.

Measuring 26 inches wide and 15 inches tall, five individual metal display racks stagger the front of this reclaimed wood piece that states "Wine Tasting" across the top to create a fun and exciting design and storage piece to your kitchen or dining room.

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