How to Bring Color into Your Home Without Painting

Tired of that white room that has no excitement or style to it?

Many go to design options for people looking to brighten up a room is to automatically go for the paint. While this may be a great decision in many cases, there are times where paint can be a bit over the top and too big of a hassle to deal with.

From furniture to accessories, there are plenty of other fantastic alternatives you have to add some flair to a room without breaking out the paint brushes.

Bold Couch

No matter what room you are working with, arguably the most important feature in that space is the furniture you place in it. One of the best ways you can get creative and really make a room pop is by investing in a bold couch.

If you have a room that has relatively neutral walls such as white or grey, getting a couch that has some serious color can really help your space to stand out. By matching it with some contrasting colored pillows and throw blankets, you can put your own personal touch on any area.

Colorful Rug

If you are already set on the couch you have in your living room, than a colorful area rug is the next best option. Whether you are placing this under your sofa or under the bed frame in the master bedroom, a colorful rug is one of the best ways to bring some excitement to a space.

If you have neutral colors that feature solid shades, consider a brightly colored rug that has a cool pattern on it to really spice things up and draw some extra attention to whatever space you are designing.

Linens and Pillows

Whether it is at the foot of your bed or draped over the arm of your couch, having some brightly colored linens are a simple way to add some color to your room without having to repaint all the walls. By investing in some large colorful linens or blankets, you can bring that necessary excitement without it drawing too much away from the rest of your space.

If blankets aren't up your alley, having a variety of different sized and colored throw pillows are another way to make things a little more exciting. From scattering them across your sectional to adding them to the master bed, you can't go wrong with a variety of pillows.


For the home owner looking to bring some added flair in a more natural way, bringing the outdoors to the indoors with some high quality house plants is one of the best ways to do so.

From adding fresh flowers to the living room, to a lush green plant in the window of your home office, there are a plethora of different ways you can introduce plants into your home to add some vibrancy to any room.

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