How to Pair Patterns with Oriental Rugs

Matching patterns with your home decor can be a difficult task as it is. If you are trying to match it with an oriental rug as a focal piece though, it can seem near impossible.

This doesn't have to be the case necessarily as there are a wide variety of different ways you can match patterns with your oriental rug and still create a classy and elegant feel no matter what room you are designing.

If you are struggling to pair these two elements together, here are a few tips and tricks to make it happen.

Picking a Set Color

One of the best ways you can make these different elements work together is with your use of color throughout the space.

By selecting a dominant color out of the rug itself, you can then use this through the rest of the room with your furniture, accessories, and other decorative pieces on the walls.

If blue is a common color throughout your oriental rug, try using the same blue in your throw pillows, blankets, and pieces of art on your walls.

You could also utilize this style as a monochromatic scheme by picking out the set color and making your set furniture piece that color in a solid look with different patterned elements as accessories.

Go Neutral

If you have a vibrant oriental rug placed under your bed frame in your master suite, you can easily balance this look out with a laid back, neutral wall color that matches up with your bedding and a darker bed frame.
If you are too scared of clashing and making the rug not match the rest of your decor, one of the best ways to calm down the entire look is by focusing on neutral colors for the rest of your overall decor.

For example, beige or light tan walls that match with similarly colored bedding will work perfectly with a very dark wood frame on top of a vibrantly colored oriental rug that features plenty of bright and exciting colors such as red and blue.

To complete this entire look, consider getting some throw pillows that match one of the main colors in the rug so it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb in the space.

Patterned Furniture

Another great way to make your oriental rug work well in a larger room in your home is by introducing more patterned patterned furniture to the space.

With a colorful rug with an exciting pattern, consider adding a chair or small sofa that also features a pattern that has some of the same colors throughout it so it won't clash with the piece, but add a little more flair and eclectic feel.

By following these simple design tips, you can easily add pattern to any room in your home that features a large oriental rug.

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