5 Ways to Create a Contemporary Living Room

While the term “contemporary” might bring to mind futuristic styles and 21st-century touches, this type of design actually embodies many of the popular trends from the past century. Creating a contemporary living room is less about transforming your space into a sci-fi movie and more about embracing everything that you love about modern interior design.

The contemporary look is clean and uncluttered. It’s a visual representation of “the now,” so it’s a great way to update your space. The best part about contemporary design is that it’s always changing. It adapts to new trends without feeling stark or cold the way other modern styles do.



Left: Safavieh Cambridge Rug

Right: Abani Laguna Rug

This design style gained popularity starting in the 1970s with the rise of the term “contemporary” in art. It included elements of modernism, art deco, and even futurism.

However, don’t confuse contemporary style with modern style. Modern space is all about following a strict pattern, and contemporary blends many elements into one. Contemporary design is more likely to experiment with exciting colors and curved lines, while modern design favors natural colors and strong lines.

Are you ready to master this look in your own space? Here are 5 ideas for integrating contemporary styles into your very own living room.

1. Gold Accents

While contemporary design doesn’t stick to a strict color palette like modernism, there’s one color that makes an appearance in most living spaces. That color is gold, and it’s easy to see why. It’s shiny and chic which adds a touch of whimsy without being too modern.


Surya Apricity Rug               Couristan Calinda Samovar Rug


2. Unexpected Textures

Embracing contemporary means embracing the playful and eclectic. Layer textures with different area rugs, fabrics, and accents for an instant upgrade.


Left: Abani Eden Rug

Right: Surya Jax Rug

3. Welcome Shapes

Strict lines are better left to Modern homes. Instead, welcome different shapes into your living room. Whether you use unexpected rug shapes or quirky furniture, you can’t go wrong.


Left: Safavieh Suzani Rug

Right: Oriental Weavers Revival Rug

4. Mix and Match

There shouldn’t be anything too matchy-matchy about your living room. Mix and match different colors, patterns, and materials to see what you create. Don’t be afraid to mix in some old with the new.



Left: Surya Kansai Rug

Right: Abani Laguna Rug

5. Recycled Vintage

While vintage might not seem like it has a home in contemporary design, it actually works wonderfully when used in moderation. As you’ve seen, the contemporary style isn’t any one thing. Look for pieces that feel inspired by past decades to add a flair of vintage.


Left: Safavieh Valencia Rug

Right: Safavieh Isaac Mizrahi Rug

Bring your home into the 21st century. Contemporary is here to stay, so use these tips above to create a home that will last for decades to come. Isn’t it fun to think outside the lines?



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